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Specializing in teaching correct biomechanics for the horse and rider- we offer complete training packages for the horse and rider. Contact us!

About Lessons
Lesson Policies

About Lessons
The art of riding is much like other arenas where the approach is very much building block oriented.

Often, skills are either missing in the rider or in the mount or in both! Therefore the ideal training situation is to put the horse in separate training and as the horses skills are installed the rider rides one of my trained horses, learning the necessary rider skills. Finally the horse and rider are put together to ensure that the new skills that have been installed in both are mutually understood and accessible.

Lesson Policies

All successfull learning experiences rely on an open line of communication between instructor and student. It is my desire to work with riders who understand that there is a process that must be committed to in order to turn new habits into reliable tools. Therefore, as in any long term teaching relationship, it is important to identify that the teacher and student are a good "fit"!


Salutation Lunge Lessons
Based on correct biomechanics of the rider in motion.

A series of lessons on the lunge that show the riders body where correct "neutral balance" in the 3 main poses of riding are found:

  • Top of the rise
  • Basic Seat
  • Two point

As the lessons progress the rider will be able to move throught the 3 poses smoothly at the walk, trot, and canter.

  • 1 (50 minute) lesson - $80 intro lesson
  • 6 (50 minute) lesson package - $450

The six lesson package is ideally scheduled over a 3 week period to get the most value and to assess the student/teacher relationship compatibility.

The Salution lesson package must be completed within six weeks from the first lesson. No refunds given.

Vaulter Intro
Did you know vauting is the safest of all equestrian disciplines? Adult educational vaulting - using vaulting skills to enable the rider to be balanced and develop the correct muscles for riding. Builds confidence and understanding of the way the horse carries the rider in walk, trot, and canter. Really fun! (link to vaulting article.

Good for all ages and body types. Group classes taught at home, Great and Small or may be scheduled at your barn or facility. Call for pricing information.


Regular clinics with notable equestrian figures are offered throughout the year. Contact us for dates and pricing information.

Past clinicians have included:

  • Mary Wanless - Rider Workshop

  • Roddy Hnang - Natural

  • Alex Chterba - AZ Horse Skill

  • Vera Bialovaceska - Drill Team Body

  • Al Patterson - Driving

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